St Peter’s Youth (SPY)

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The St. Peter’s Youth Ministry (SPY) was for-merly launched on October 10th, 2010 under the auspices of Msgr. Michael de Verteuil. This group was created to consolidate the youth arm of the parish, and to integrate young parishioners across the four communi-ties: Pointe-a-Pierre; Marabella; Claxton Bay; and Plaisance Park.
Since its inception, the SPY has participated in several parish events, and has organized a num-ber of activities for youth, including movie evenings; adult and youth talent shows; as well as a Life in the Spirit Seminar. The group contin-ues to look for new ways of improving its ministry and warmly welcomes all young persons – ages 12 to 30 years – to join us.


To provide the youth of St. Peter’s Parish with fora that promote faith building and personal growth, as well as to encourage youth participation in parish life. Our overarching mission therefore is to EDUCATE, BUILD, and MOTIVATE.


That the youth arm of St. Peter’s Parish would have a fervent love of God and a strong sense of Catholic identity. That the input of young pa-rishioners can help to transform parish life, and to strengthen the commitment of the parish to spread faith and to share Christ’s love to all those within our reach to serve. That the stewardship of our youth be a source of renewal for both active and inactive members of the Christian community.


Youth Coordinator : Courtney Lezama

Secretary : Lorraine Acosta

Treasurer : Kendall Hypolite

Events Coordinators : Melissa Nicholson and Shaquille Rose

Public Relations Officers : Nikita Ng Ying and Michelle Sampson

Youth Coordinator Asst. (Claxton Bay) : Terri Mohammed

Youth Coordinator Asst. (Marabella) : Joel Caddle

Youth Liaisons : Shaquille Rose, Shuntelle Thomas, Ryan Ng Ying and Jean Pierre Camps

Click here for our Brochure and Calender of events.



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